Founded in 1969, American Agencies has a well established foundation as a leader in the collection industry for over 30 years. Having a diversified client base, licensing and authority across the United States, and a revenue growth rate in excess of 20%, American Agencies is a national collection agency leading in commercial and consumer collections. For over three decades, American Agencies has partnered with creditors some of them Fortune 100 organizations to formulate and execute specialized recovery strategies in various industries including telecommunications, banking, education and high technology. We are also approached as an expert medical collection agency.


American Agencies is led by a dynamic and visionary Senior Management Team. This team represents the proprietary intellectual capital that American Agencies has accumulated over its operational history, and is reflected in our ethics, our success and our dedication to the success of our clients.

Our Recovery Team is led by Branch Managers, Call Coaches and Quality Assurance Monitors with years of dedicated experience at American Agencies. These individuals are responsible for leading, coaching and motivating our Recovery Agents to meet and exceed collection goals, while assuring legal compliance every step of the way. Balancing compliance against recovery goals while fostering a customer-service oriented approach to minimize complaints, our supervisory personnel have indeed honed their leadership skills into a fine art.


The American Agencies Recovery Team is staffed with knowledgeable and experienced Recovery Agents. All of them highly professional, and most of them seasoned veterans of the collection industry. The average tenure of these devoted individuals is 4.76 years with American Agencies. 75% of the Recovery Team is bilingual.


American Agencies has invested in creating a real-time, web-based infrastructure that automates the entire lifecycle of a collection account. This web based system provides for online account placement, adjustment and lookups; automated handling of payment data and monthly remittances, generates placement, collections management, and stair-step history and recovery reports. All this is securely accessible in real-time from any browser.

We interface with our skip tracing partners on an electronic basis. We can submit 10,000 accounts and get information back on them within 24 hours.


American Agencies is licensed to collect nationwide and over all time zones. We provide primary and secondary contingency debt collections services, a fixed rate letter service and utilize internal and vendor provided scoring models. We report to all three credit bureaus and leverage comprehensive skip-tracing databases. We comply with all federal regulations (FDCPA, FCRA, HIPAA, etc.).

With a state-of-the-art technological infrastructure, seasoned management and collection teams, customer-service oriented collections approach, and superior quality control and compliance programs, American Agencies is uniquely positioned to offer its clientele a fully customizable recovery solution which maximizes collection results while minimizing associated risks. We offer our services in medical debt collection, business debt collection as well as education, banking, and consumer debt collection.


I have been using American Agencies for the last ten years and wanted to let you know how helpful your service is and I have seen positive results with our collection accounts. Thank you and keep up the good service.

Lucia Sarmiento
Business Manager
Lee Austin, M. D., Ishrat Husain, M.D.
Rancho Cucamonga California