With over three decades as a leader in the debt collections industry. We've worked with some of the United State's best companies. Over the years, we've had a dramatic impact on the business debt collection efforts of our clients.

While we can't describe them all, nor, for privacy reasons, can we disclose the names of many of our clients, here is a small sample of our most recent success stories:

  • Healthcare - A large Dental Finance Company - A hand-picked collections team from American Agencies collects more than double the national average for healthcare collections, without alienating patients.

  • Banking - A large regional bank - We helped a client double the results of the previous in-house efforts, and avoided hiring any more full-time employees.

  • Telecommunications - One of the nations' largest telecommunications companies - We collect over $1.2 million, and in 70% of cases we collected before the accounts even went 60 days past due.

  • Commercial Business - A large privately held wholesale business - American Agencies streamlines collections and re-establishes a good reputation that a previous collections company had tarnished.

  • Education - A large university - This nationally recognized educational institution integrates American Agencies into the Accounts Receivable department, with great results.


As a former customer of (Brand X), I was at first hesitant to switch over. What finally swayed me into changing over to American Agencies was the fact that your contracts do not expire. I just had 75 unused contracts with (Brand X) that had expired and they were unwilling to extend the expiration date.

I also like the fact that when you suspend a patient you can reinstate them any time without having to use a new contract, unlike (Brand X). When I told (Brand X) we would not be renewing our contract, I was told I was making a big mistake. But, I feel the only mistake I made was not going with American Agencies sooner…

Karen Sipherd
Billing Specialist
Hands-On Physical Therapy